VANCOUVER – Stanley Park

                                    Jan-01 – Dec-31

START POINT: Devonian Harbour Park. 1929 W Georgia St (sitting area of the park at the NW corner of Denman & W Georgia – behind the bus stop).                   

Walkbox Location: Running Room Store, 1514 Robson St, V6G 1C3 Register and pick up the route instructions and maps here. Walk 800 metres (10mins) to the start location. Walk directions to the Devonian Harbour Park are in the walk box.                                               

DISTANCES:  5, 8, 10, 11k                                                       


REGISTRATION: The Running Room Store hours of operation: Mon-Closed; Tue-10:00-18:00; Wed 10:00-19:15; Thu & Fri 11:00-19:00; Sat & Sun 10:00-17:00; Check re: Statutory Holidays Tel: 604-684-97711


PROGRAM: Lighthouse, Famous Canadians, Art in Public Places, Moving Waters

DIRECTIONS: By car: Go along West Georgia St.  Park is on NW corner of Denman St & West Georgia St. By transit: Take any bus that goes along West Georgia St & stop at West Georgia & Denman.

INFORMATION: Ask staff for Walk Box (in back). Panoramic views of Vancouver harbour & Downtown, North Shore mountains & English Bay. All routes go past or have a view of Brockton Point Lighthouse.

There are 10 routes available:


10K/11K routes

  1. Aquarium – Hollow Tree 10k (rating 2B) Part Seawall starting from Coal Harbour, and trails up to Prospect Point and along trails with old trees, including the Hollow Tree, a Vancouver Heritage. This walk will also take us to the Vancouver Aquarium – check out the old bear pit and the Killer Whale sculpture by the famous Bill Reid.
  2. Best of Stanley Park Trails  10k (rating 2B): Most of this walk is on trails inside Stanley Park. You will see breathtaking views of Vancouver harbour, city skyline, North Shore Mountains and passing famous landmarks and heritage features. The walk begins with Lord Stanley welcoming you into the Park. Continue on to the old Polar Bear Den, Aquarium, Brockton Oval, Totem Poles, then onto the Seawall for a short distance. Up the trails to Prospect Point and down to the Siwash Rock Viewpoint on another trail above the cliff, parallel to the seawall below. See the Siwash Rock from the top, instead of at sea level. More trails to Ferguson Point and Teahouse Restaurant (lunch here if you wish). Finally, enjoy the trail along Lost Lagoon. Watch for the wildlife, including marine life, throughout your walk.
  3. Ferguson Point 10k (rating 2BThis walk will go along English Bay, up the stairs to Ferguson Point past the Teahouse Restaurant. We will then walk along several trails in the old growth forests where you will see some of the oldest trees in the park. Return via the Seawall going clockwise to Coal Harbour.
  4. Lake & Lagoon 10k (rating 2B) We will go around Lost Lagoon and take a different trail to Prospect Point. On the way, you will see the iconic Hollow tree, a Vancouver Heritage. Past a softball field. Then down to the Seawall to the south side of Beaver Lake and to the Rose Garden.
  5. Prospect Point & Lions Gate Bridge 8k/10k (rating 2B/3B): This walk has everything. Walk by Lost Lagoon, through old growth forests to world class views from Prospect Point. Crossing the Lions Gate Bridge (opened in November 1939) we are rewarded with spectacular views both to the west and to the east. Walking back into Stanley Park, travel down to the Seawall, then up Ravine Trail to Beaver Lake and finally under the causeway at Lost Lagoon, and back to the city.An 8k (rating 2B) route is available – will not cross Lions Gate Bridge.
  6. Seawall East 10/11k (rating 1A): Walk around the Seawall going counter-clockwise starting from Coal Harbour.  It offers breathtaking views of Vancouver harbour, the city skyline, North Shore Mountains & English Bay. This route goes past famous landmarks and heritage features such as First Nations Totem Poles, Brockton Point & Prospect Point Lighthouses, Siwash Rock. There are beaches, rock cliffs and coastal forests of majestic cedar, hemlock and fir trees. You will see popular west coast wildlife, including marine life: squirrels, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, herons, eagles, seals and otters.
  7. Seawall West 10/11k (rating 1A): Walk around the Seawall going clockwise starting from English Bay. Same description as Seawall East above.
  8. Trails – Connie’s Walk 10k (rating 2B): Part seawall & part inside trails. On this walk, you will enjoy magnificent views of Coal Harbour, the Brockton Point Lighthouse, Lumberman’s Arch and the Variety Kids water park. Here we turn off the Seawall into the trails. View the Japanese Canadian War Monument, the Miniature Railway, the Pavilion Gardens and the Rose Garden before enjoying more natural surroundings of trails leading to Beaver Lake and on to Second Beach.

5K routes

9.   Beaver Lake 5k (rating 2B):  A walk along different parts of the Seawall and forest trails. See the Lord Stanley statue welcoming you to Stanley Park, the Rose Garden and Beaver Lake. Return via the aquarium.

10.  Seawall East – Rose Garden 5k (rating 1A): This walk covers part of the Seawall going counter-clockwise starting from Coal Harbour, passing several points of interest including the Brockton Point Lighthouse. Then through Lumberman’s Arch Picnic Area and then to the Rose and Perennial Garden.